M-Vest LLC is a broker-dealer headquartered in New York. Together with it’s sister firm, Maxim Group LLC, M-Vest meets the demands of a broad array of clients.

At M-Vest, Tuple provided full stack software development services to develop the M-Vest website and client portal, significantly improving their customer experience. In order to achieve this, Tuple

  • Accurately diagnosed architectural inefficiencies and came up with a more distributed design using AWS CloudFront for serving all their static content to users across the globe.
  • Implemented their client portal on AWS EC2 instances and leveraged AWS Auto Scaling to keep their usages and costs in check.
  • Improved their application performance by streamlining their AWS S3 usage.
  • Optimize and Manage their AWS usage by setting custom budgets in AWS Budgets for all their workflows.
  • Implemented a robust application monitoring system using AWS CloudWatch.

M-Vest Website